Activity program

The Eucharist at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

During the IV International Oratorian Meeting  in Mexico 2018, we will entrust our work to the feet of Our “Mamita del Cielo” as sweetly called by St. Philip Neri to our Mother Most Holy. We will visit her at her abode, in the Sanctuary of the Emperatiz of the Americas: The Basilica of Guadalupe in […]

Lectures and Works by Language Groups

General Objective:

The general objective of our International Encounter is to revalue the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, as an important contributor to the mission of the church, today, and in the challenges of our current society.

General Theme:


The contribution to the mission of the church in our time …

The Theme’s Aim:

The purpose of these conferences, as we work together with our teams, should be to come to an understanding of both the theme and purpose of our encounter.  Once we have a clear understanding, then we can better serve the Oratories we represent and meet the needs of our unique situations (the contexts in which we live and work).

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Pre-Hispanic Night Celebration

Pre-Hispanic culture is the name given to the historic stage of the American continent from the arrival of the first human beings to the establishment of political and cultural domination of Europeans on American indigenous peoples.

The pre-Hispanic culture in Mexico belongs to a region known as Mesoamerica, in Central Mexico and Central America. It covers three thousand years since 1500 BC. Until 1500 AD. This stage has been divided into three eras: Pre-Classic, Classic and Post-Classic. Indigenous peoples who were linking art with religion developed pre-Hispanic art.

Mexican art begins with Mesoamerican art, created by sedentary cultures that built important cities such as Teotihuacán, Chichen Itzá, Palenque, and Uxmal.

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A Walk through the archaeological zone of Teotihuacán

During the International Oratorian Meeting 2018, much like in the same manner of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, we will dedicate a day to enjoy a true example of the pre-Hispanic past.

Called City of the Gods, Teotihuacán, contains the remnants of one of the most important civilizations of Mesoamerica.

Regardless of where you start your tour, the beautiful buildings, the mystery of the walls of the Pyramid of the Sun, the Temple of Quetzalpapalotl, and the Causeway of the Dead with the structures that surround them, will amaze you.

Start your walk at the majestic Pyramid of the Sun, the highest point in the complex. Its structure was built in five construction phases. Climb its 243 steps to the top.  Its location is in perfect harmony with the Earth’s axis where the sun hides every afternoon.

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A Mexican Celebration



During our IV International Oratorian Meeting, we will have a Mexican celebration full of color, music and leisure.

And for those who want to enjoy a delightful vacation in Mexico, either before or after our meeting, be aware that the months of July and August promise a lot of fun and culture for national and international tourists due to the colorful and traditional imminent celebrations.

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