Lectures and Works by Language Groups

General Objective:

The general objective of our International Encounter is to revalue the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, as an important contributor to the mission of the church, today, and in the challenges of our current society.

General Theme:


The contribution to the mission of the church in our time …

The Theme’s Aim:

The purpose of these conferences, as we work together with our teams, should be to come to an understanding of both the theme and purpose of our encounter.  Once we have a clear understanding, then we can better serve the Oratories we represent and meet the needs of our unique situations (the contexts in which we live and work).

The following conferences were made possible because of the themes that were proposed by the congregations of the Mexican Federation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri.

FIRST CONFERENCE: Philip Neri, A Throbbing Heart in the Catholic Reform of the S. XVI

SECOND CONFERENCE: The Oratory: Catalyst of Spiritual and Social Renewal, Yesterday and Today

THIRD CONFERENCE: The Recognizable and Daily Institution of the Word of God: The Founding of the Prophetic Dimension of the Oratory in the Church

FOURTH CONFERENCE: The Oratorian, Sebastian Valfre: Living Testimony of Charity

We look forward to sharing our rich Oratory spirituality among brothers!